A few pictures from ice climbing in King's Creek in Kananaskis. A very cold day (below minus 20), so the ice was not the best quality but it was fun anyway.

I've done another "classic" hike of Rockies. This time, Berg Lake and Snowbird Pass near Mount Robson Group (3954 m). 32 km one way, elevation gain 1650 meters. Beautiful views of Robson, Robson Glacier and mountains in Robson Group. The trail is in very good condition and (because limited number of permits) not too crowded.

Below a few pictures from the latest climb. The NW Ridge of Mount Blane in Kananaskis. Nothing too difficult but long and (of course) falling apart.

"Crazy Trails" proclaimed "Site of the Week" on Belgian travel site:
"Jo's Travel Bytes".

I just got back from Kananaskis where I've done a solo ascent of West Ridge of Mount Sir Douglas (3406 m ). Two days with a night on rocks near the glacier. Very rotten rock made this rope free climb very interesting. I don't think I would go there again :)

I've spend a few days in Wooley Creek where I was supposed to try to climb Mount Wooley - 3405 m and Diadem Peak - 3371 m. Unfortunately the weather was not cooperating. It was really bad. Really strong wind and heavy rain, turning to snow at night and higher elevation. After two nights and two days of waiting for the weather to improve and some hiking I decided to go home. The last challenge was to cross deep and cold after so many days of rain Sunwapta River.

I've hiked Mount Rundle (2949 m, elevation gain: 1570 m). A popular hike near Banff. The trail is easy to navigate and, due to western exposure, free of snow relatively early in a season. Lower part - easy, nice path rising gently through forest, upper part - hundreds of meters of loose scree. Have fun.

Havana is an amazing place and will be even more beautiful when the reconstruction job is finished. On top of that it's free of loud and obnoxious american tourists. If you think about visiting Cuba - hurry up. Fidel won't live forever. Nobody knows what will happen when he's gone. My guess - americans will steal everything and ruin the place, just like they ruined most other Central American and Caribbean countries.

I did the traverse of Yamnuska about a week ago. Elevation gain 900m, a lot of snow on the ridge. Going down from the summit and traversing under the famous south wall (350m high) I saw two guys jumping down with parachutes. Talk about having balls!