I did a few late fall/early winter hikes. Grotto Mountain (2706 m - elev. gain: 1425 m) and Mount Lady MacDonald (2605 m - elev. gain: 1300 m) near Canmore. I also tried Mount Borgeau (2930 m - elev. gain: 1500 m) near Sunshine Village, but fresh snowfall and very strong wind made the hike difficult. I only reached the Harvey Pass, at elevation 2530 m.

Did some hiking in Glacier N Park. Glaciers are almost gone, but "there is no such thing as global warming". The best part of the trip was camping and beer drinking by Flathead Lake. Of course I'm talking about imports because nobody normal drinks american beer.

After two tries last year (first the deer story, then snowfall) I have managed to climb South Ridge of Mount Andromeda (3450 m, elev. gain-1525). The route is not technically difficult, but hundreds of crevasses on Athabasca Glacier and on approach to the pass between Unnamed Peak and Mount Adromeda (where the ridge starts), makes the climb interesting (especially when you are alone :).

Below are some pictures from my late spring/early summer hikes. I have managed to get to the summit of Wind Ridge (2300 m - elev. gain 760 m), Heart Mountain (2135 m - elev. gain 875 m) and Mount Rae (3218 m - elev. gain 1000 m). I hope the weather is going to last.

I didn't have time to visit Galapagos Islands or climb some big volcano (next time). I spend most of my time in Cuenca and Quito and Atacames. The weather was not that good. Below some pictures from Ecuador's big cities. I hope I will go back there next year:)

A several pictures from Bogota. Beautiful and interesting city. Even with a large number of police and army guys around the town, it is hard to imagine that a never ending war is going on in the country. Too bad. Columbia could make lots of money on tourism, but for now I noticed only a few nervously looking around foreigners.

Two of my pictures in "Top 10" of BBC's photo contests.
"Landmarks" and "My inspiration".

March is the middle of winter here. A lot of snow in the mountains and high avalanche hazard, so one has to be careful with choosing trails. I hiked to the summits of Ha Ling Peak - 2408 m (elev. gain: 700 m) and East End of Rundle - 2590 m (elev. gain: 900 m)..

I just got back from a short trip to Mexico. Nothing too exciting (although Mexico is always colorful and exotic), but it made this long winter a little bit shorter.
Below are a few pictures.

During last year's expedition to the summit of Cerro Aconcagua, our "leader" Jarek Botor had been making a film about the climb. I just got a copy. Below are a few short clips.
Sorry for the quality but changing video systems didn't improve it. All talking in polish :)))
From left: very "artistic clip" about the expedition; reaching La Canaleta; me in Berlin Camp (6000 m); the summit from Nido; the end, we are leaving (first group) the base camp.