Caracas. Well... I don't think I will visit it again. A big dirty city, full of half rotten glass skyscrapers, and unfulfilled dreams of greatness. It's hard not to love Chavez for sticking
it to the idiot Bush at every opportunity, but it's also hard not to shake one's head with disbelief, when one sees how little he managed to accomplish building his "heaven on earth".

Latest scrambles. After failing last year, I managed to conquer Mount Borgeau, near Sunshine Village (2930 m - elev. gain 1500 m). I also reached the summits of Mount Lawrence Grassi (2685 m - elev. gain 945 m) and Middle Sister (2769 m - elev. gain 1400 m), near Canmore.

I spent two days in Skoki, near Lake Louise. The plan was to do two interesting scrambles to the summits of Mount Richardson and Ptarmigan Peak. First day was ok.
I successfully used a break in several thunderstorms, and with visibility almost near zero,
I managed to reach the summit of Mount Richardson (3086 m - elev. gain 1450 m). Unfortunately an overnight rain turned into a serious snowfall, which prevented me from doing any scrambling the next day (perfect weather). I had to turn around and go home. The walk back to Lake Louise was very enjoyable due to beautiful, winter-like views. After all, it had been at least partially a successful trip, too bad it looks like summer hiking is over. Pictures below:

Unfortunately, it has been snowing in the Rockies. Expecting lousy weather for the long weekend, we took Felix and drove all the way to Washington State, US. The weather was excellent so we spent a few days camping near North Roosevelt Lake, working on our suntan and drinking beer. Felix was the only very busy one, "saving" sticks from the lake.
Happy Labor Day!

The weather is totally crazy. Plus 34 on Monday and plus 7 by Thursday. Fortunately it got a little bit better for the weekend, so I was able to do the last scramble in August. The Tower (3117 m - elev. gain 1260 m) near Kananaskis Lakes. Interesting hike, interesting route-finding experience and (of course) a lot of loose rock.
Excellent views from the summit.

Below are a few pictures from another two beautiful scrambles I managed to do. Eiffel Peak (3084 m - elev. gain 1230 m) near Moraine Lake and The Fortress (3000 m - elev. gain 1100 m) near Kananaskis Lakes. Awsome views, especially from the summit of the first one.

July turned out to be a really good month for scrambling. The weather was not that great but I managed to summit three relatively high mountains. Storm Mountain (3092 m - elev. gain 1050 m) near Highwood (don't mistake it with higher Storm Mountain near Castle Junction); Mount Sparrowhawk (3121 m - elev. gain 1350 m) near Spray Lake and Mount Chester (3054 m - elev. gain 1150 m) near Kananaskis Lakes. I hope August is going to be as successful.

Long, long winter this year. It was snowing in the Rockies until mid June. Spring/Summer hiking season started really late, so no great ascents, yet. Bunch of conditioning hikes (Bourgeau Lake, Grotto Mountain, Yamnuska, etc). The most interesting was the loop hike around three summits of Mount Edith, combined with the ascent of the north summit
(2554 m). Below are a few pictures of one of the most picturesque peaks in the Rockies, Mount Louis (2680 m).

I spent a couple of weeks in Wrocław, Poland. May is basically summer there, so the weather was excellent and a beer is more reasonably priced than in Canada so, no complaints. By the way the city center is beautifully restored and very colorful (and full of pretty girls, yeah!).

I'm trying to stay in shape, so I made a few winter ascents in the Rockies. Grotto Mountain (2706 m - elev. gain 1425 m), Yamnuska (2240 m - elev. gain 900 m), Heart Mountain (2135 m - elev. gain 875 m) and Mount Baldy (2192 m - elev. gain 800 m).
A few winter pics below.

Sir Edmund Hillary dies.

You think you know the world? Check your traveler IQ. Very interesting tests here.

I wish you all a very adventurous year 2008 !!!