One of my pictures was on display at the mountain photography exhibition "Spirit of the Mountains" in Jelenia Góra. Yeah!

We are having a incredible warm, sunny and colorful fall this year. I spent two days in the Owl Mountains and surrounding area. On my way back to Jelenia Góra I also visited the Czech Republic, specifically the town of Broumov, famous for its impressive Benedictine monastery. Here are a few photos.

A short trip to Görlitz, Germany. The city is surprisingly interesting, beautifully restored and full of tourists. Worth a visit.

My second visit to Tbilisi. The streets of the old city and its atmosphere are still charming but many ridiculous and over-the-top government construction projects continue to ruin the look of Georgia’s capital city. Local drivers continue to drive like idiots but Georgian wine is still excellent.

After the success at Mount Kazbek, we crossed the Georgian-Russian border and went to the base of (according to some) the highest mountain in Europe, Mount Elbrus (5642 m.). Unfortunately, the weather was not so kind. Extreme wind and heavy snow forced many teams to turn back a short distance from the top. Our strong and well acclimated team (almost complete - 87%) reached the summit. Yeah!

I spent part of August in the Caucasus Mountains. Together with a fun and ambitious team from PKA I went to Georgia, where luckily we were able to take advantage of a short weather window and, in very windy conditions, we reached the top of Mount Kazbek, called the "Ice Summit" (5033 m.).

We are doing intense sight-seeing of the Lower Silesia area. Castles, palaces, churches, cities, towns and villages. A huge amount of tourist attractions to see. This is a really fascinating part of Poland, well worth a visit.

"The valley of Palaces and Gardens" is a historical documentary about the history of Lower Silesia. I scored a role in two scenes. In one I play one of a group of pissed-off peasants, harassing a princess in her garden (no, this is not a porn film!) in the Staniszow palace. In the second, thanks to my looks :), I played one of the three city Nobles, witnessing the execution of Schaffgotsch, filmed at the Chojnik castle. Big production. A dozen professional actors and about fifty extras, including a cool-looking platoon of soldiers from Czech Republic. The premiere will be in the fall. Hollywood is waiting :)

Another run behind me. The 2nd Night Wrocław Half-marathon . Over 5 thousand runners and beautiful city at night. My time: 1.48.49

A short visit to our southern neighbors – the Czechs. Picturesque villages nestled in the green hills of the Karkonosze Mountains and then Liberec; bustling with life, over 100-thousand inhabitants, one of the three capital cities of our NYSA Euroregion. Of course the main tourist attraction is still the excellent and cheap beer :)

We’re having a beautiful spring. I'm spending a lot of time in the mountains, mainly in the Western Sudety (Karkonosze Mountains, Izera Mountains, Rudawy Janowickie, etc).
There is nothing like going back to the old, familiar places :)

Below is a short clip of the II Half-Marathon in Jelenia Góra. Well-made​​. Great aerial shots of our beautiful town. At 3:18 you’ll see my face on the camera :)

A cold and cloudy day, perfect for running. I took part in the II Half-Marathon in Jelenia Góra. My time: 1:45:16 :)

The second 10k run organized by Karkonosze University in Jelenia Góra went a little bit better than the first one. Time: 50:52 :)

Another batch of pictures from the beautiful and interesting Jelenia Góra Valley.
One of the most attractive and apparently the least known tourist regions in Poland.

Well, for the third time I ran in the Ślężański Half-marathon in Sobótka. Almost 3300 runners this year, and amazing weather (plus 23). Such a warm day made me feel lazy though, so it wasn't my best run :). Time: 1:59:44.

Below is a short video clip from the medal ceremony.
Recording and special sound effects by Shona. :)

I took part in the XI Winter Polonia Games as a member of the Canadian team, and I won
a gold medal (in my age category) in nordic walking.
The course was a 7 km trail, to the top of Chojnik Mountain in Sobieszów and back (250 meters elevation gain). Yeah!

Superb weather continues. I went for a stroll around the town today. Some pictures below, more coming in a new picture gallery about this beautiful city.

One of my photos came in fourth place (unfortunately only first three got prices) in
a picture competition organized by Winter Ultramarathon Karkonosze. Yeah!

The first run of the 2014 running season is done. The 10k run organized by Karkonosze University in Jelenia Góra. Time: 52:31 (too much beer over the winter :))

It was a beautiful day today. I went for an afternoon hike in the Karkonosze Mountains and ended up at the summit of Mount Śnieżka. Amazing views from the top, but very windy.

I wish you all a very adventurous and exciting year 2014!!!