30 years ago! Mexico City - 1994. My first exotic journey and I was thrilled. The city was amazing, vibrant, colorful and chaotic. Probably one of the most fascinating places in the world. The energy, the history, the culture, the people. I loved it!!!



The last brave bloom ...in denial ...fighting against the frost ...struggling with its own intrinsic nature.
Buds longing to open even as winter's sleep beckons.
Beauty everywhere we look ...if only we open our eyes.



I got some exciting news from the Sudetes Mountaineering Club in Jelenia Góra, which I'm a member of. First, one of my pictures from Dolomites made it to the new calendar published by the club. Second, I was amongst the group of club members awarded a trophy for “Mountaineering Achievements in 2023". In my case, the award was for finalizing the "38 x 3 000 m" project in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, in Spain. Nice!

The announcement and the account of the award ceremony, during the club xmas party, on SMC website (in Polish).