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The first run of 2024, the 9th Media Maraton Ciudad de Algeciras, in Spain. Unfortunately, a very hot day. I barely made it.
My time: 02h, 15m, 00s.



"13.03.2020: Lockdown Day 1 - making the best of a bad situation ...I guess there are worse places to be stuck at home."

Wow, 4 years ago, today, the lockdown began, in Spain. We were told 2 weeks. For the most part, we were pretty Zen about the whole thing, treating it kind of like a staycation. Oh, how naïve we were! In reality, people were kept in their homes for 7 weeks, not even allowed to go outside for a walk. We weren’t even allowed to take our dog more than 100m from the building. Looking back, now, it all seems so surreal but we will certainly never forget the absurdity of the whole thing.