We decided it was high time for a road trip and headed west to Portugal, specifically the Lisbon area. Though it was Andrzej’s first time, I was there many, many (MANY) moons ago so it was interesting to see what had changed and what had not.

Lisbon is a densely packed, hilly (like, really hilly!) city which sits at the mouth of the Tagus river and is very close to some amazing beaches on the Atlantic ocean. The city has retained much of its old world charm though, I have to say, it is much dirtier and run-down than it was so many years ago, and there are a lot of homeless people and vagrants, not unlike many other major European cities these days. The amount of tourists was staggering, and it’s not even high season yet, so I cannot imagine going there in the summer (and wouldn’t recommend it).

I absolutely love Portugal, though, and even in this crowded, touristy capital, the people are super friendly. We had amazing weather and enjoyed wandering around the city on foot, as well as exploring the surrounding towns by car. The best thing to do in the city proper, in our opinion, is just wander around and try to stay away from the hordes (or visit in the off-season), there’s plenty to catch your eye when you stop following a map. And don't forget to try their famous Pasteis de nata (custard tart) - sooo good, especially when served warm!



The first stop on our recent Portuguese trip was the city of Evora, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

From Wiki: Evora is the capital of south-central Alentejo region. In the city's historic center stands the ancient Roman Temple of Evora (also called the Temple of Diana). Nearby, whitewashed houses surround the Cathedral of Evora, a massive Gothic structure begun in the 12th century. The Igreja de Sao Francisco features Gothic and baroque architecture along with the skeleton-adorned Chapel of Bones.



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The first run of 2024, the 9th Media Maraton Ciudad de Algeciras, in Spain. Unfortunately, a very hot day. I barely made it.
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